"I manage your lifestyle" 


Our new iManagement Home Lifestyle Solution is more than just getting you organized (that is clearing the clutter from your space). We empower Home Mangers with the tools needed to create a home of harmony, where the family is organized and able to balance and create order for a successful day.

Our service  assist you to manage every aspect of your home and life. We take the stress out of your day, boost your confidence. We work with you and teach you how to achieve and maintain an organized home and renewed lifestyle.


"Staying organized is even a greater challenge than getting organized."


Our Services:


   Did you know?

  • Closet Design - maximizing your closet space
  • Bill payments - avoiding interest and disconnection
  • Home Filing System - eliminating paper pile up
  • Space Management -creating zones and systems to maximize your space
  • Storage solution - bins, baskets and other organizing accessories to create an organized living space.
  • Kitchen Organizing - healthy lifestyle - meal preparation easier
  • Family Organizing Plan - setting up schedules for maintaining daily home activity.
  • Maintenance - weekly, monthly, yearly - to keep the clutter at bay.
  • Meal Management solution -
  • Clutter Coaching - weekly coaching on the telephone or email




  • Do you struggle with the daily upkeep of your home, while you try to balance everything and everyone?
  • Is it your mission to have a clutter free home?
  • Are you ready to take control of your space?
  • What is really stopping you from getting organized?
  • What would it take to get your home life in order?

Let us cluttertalk. Email Maxine cluttertalk@maxinethemaximizer.com 

Maxine The Maximizer  - The 4-step Organizing Plan:




  •  Assessment - identifying your home management  problem and suggesting creative solutions

  • Simplifying - initiating simple and workable solutions  

  • Organizing - finding a space and place for everything

  • Maintenance - weekly, monthly and annual maintenance to keep clutter

For monthly children seminar or to book appointment for your home or school.



Get Organized for Fall

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How to organize your home in six weeks

The Cluttertalk™ Seminars
Tired of Clutter?
Learn how to un-clutter your home and life



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