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We have been serving the Greater Toronto area for the last 10 years.
There is no clutter problem too big or too small that we haven't seen and find solutions for.


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What do we do at Maxine The Maximizer - 

Do you have a clutter problem at work and home? Is clutter controlling every aspect of your day and life? 
Are you trying to make a decision, and simply don't know where to start or what to do?  Is it all too much? 

We offer coaching and consultation for your clutter and disorganization.

Our business is all about getting you organized, and bring order to your home, office and your busy lifestyle.

Do you have a messy desk?
Time to eliminate the clutter 


Through consultation we are able to assess your problem, establish your needs and provide recommendations on what needs to be done to achieve a clutter-free lifestyle.

Our one on one coaching  - is working with you:

It gives Maxine The Maximizer a sense of understanding who you are, your goals, what really needs to be done minimize the stress of your clutter and the work we must do together to reclaim and refine your space and renew the commitment to yourself.

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Get Organized... Be Organized...Stay Organized  

  • Our services is for the busy professional working in a messy and chaotic workspace.

  • The Home Manager who is so overwhelmed, challenged with too much stuff, too much to do, with so little time and simply don't know where to start.

We have solutions for every aspect of your life where you may find yourself struggling with clutter and disorganization.

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